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"Together for Peace - Your FIREFIGHTER! "

Motto of the State Fire Brigade Association of Lower Saxony 2023

Community Fire Department

Parish fire department Neuenkirchen

The defensive fire protection in the municipality of Neuenkirchen is ensured by ten volunteer fire departments. Of these, the Neuenkirchen and Tewel fire departments are base fire departments. The local fire departments Behningen, Brochdorf, Delmsen, Gilmerdingen/Leverdingen, Grauen, Ilhorn, Sprengel and Schwalingen are each local fire departments with basic equipment.

Furthermore, there are independent youth fire departments in the villages of Delmsen and Neuenkirchen.

Internet portal of the municipal fire department

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Contact person community fire department Neuenkirchen

Municipal fire chief C. Kühn

+ 49 151 17092819


Deputy municipal fire chief C. Baden

+ 49 171 2204160


Municipal press officer G. Baden

+ 49 172 6475895


Contact management

No employees found.

The 10 local fire departments

Youth Fire Departments

Logo Nds. youth fire department

Local fire departments Delmsen & Neuenkirchen

There are two youth fire departments in the Neuenkirchen municipal fire department. In the youth fire department Delmsen are currently 23 children and young people active and in the youth fire department Neuenkirchen are currently 28 active young people in training for the honorary office.

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