View of the cemetery Schwalingen

Cemeteries in
the municipality of Neuenkirchen

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The municipality of Neuenkirchen maintains the Grauen, Schwalingen and Tewel cemeteries .

In the above-mentioned cemeteries, burials are possible in family graves, single and double graves (elective graves) as well as in row graves and semi-anonymous burials.

To get an overview of the possible burial forms and their costs, take a look at the cemetery statutes with the associated fee statutes.

The municipality of Neuenkirchen and the cemetery caretakers

are always available to answer your questions!

Entrance area cemetery Tewel
View of the chapel cemetery Tewel

Cemetery Tewel

Cemetery caretaker

Helga Freytag

 +49 5195 933795

View of the cemetery Schwalingen
Entrance area cemetery Schwalingen

Cemetery Schwalingen

Cemetery caretaker

Rolf Gebers

 +49 5195 2447

Monument cemetery Grauen
View of the Grauen cemetery

Grays cemetery

Cemetery caretaker

Heinrich Schröder

 +49 5193 6688

Statutes and fees

Cemetery Statutes Cemetery Fee Statutes

View of the chapel cemetery Schwalingen
View of the chapel cemetery Schwalingen
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The cemetery in the main village Neuenkirchen is in the care of theEv.-luth.Kirchengemeinde Neuenkirchen!

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