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Association Schäferhof

Watching sheep at the sheepfold

Snook on the meadow

The Schäferhof area with its large herd of heidschnucken is managed by the Schäferhof Association. The association was founded in 1976 and takes care of nature conservation and landscape management. For the "care" of the heath also provide the heather snails and goats with their browsing.

In total, the association has about 110 hectares of heath and moor at its disposal. The non-profit association Schäferhof is the owner of the herd and has employed the shepherd and temporary workers. All additional work is done by the members and the board in their spare time.

Sheep barn with thatched roof at shepherd's farm

All buildings of the Schäferhof complex at the end of Falshorner Straße are thatched: the old and the new sheepfold, the Heidehaus (heath house), where annually changing exhibitions are shown, remise, stable barn and well as bee fence. Only the storage barn, built by members of the association with their own efforts, deviates from this.

Honey store with thatched roof on the shepherd's farm

For a few years now, there has been a staircase granary on the sheep barn site, which was moved here. Built in 1814 in Mittelstendorf, it came to Neuenkirchen in 1974, where it stood until 2006 in Kabenstraße.

Storage in winter at the Schäferhof


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