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Heide-Touristik Neuenkirchen


The Schröers-Hof with its historic buildings is the headquarters of the Heide-Touristik Neuenkirchen.

Here information is provided - on site and also by telephone - about the most important events, exhibitions, guided cycling and hiking tours and carriage rides to make the most beautiful days of the year unforgettable. Also tickets for the great parks of the region are available there in the office.

Maps of biking, hiking, horseback riding and Nordic walking routes, as well as maps of the surrounding communities and major cities are provided.

The Heide-Touristik team will also be happy to help you find and book suitable accommodation.

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Heide-Touristik Neuenkirchen

Church road 9


29643 New churches

+49 5195 940-26

+49 5195 940-829