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Forest group "Waldwichtel

in Delmsen

Waldkiga Delmsen

Forest group "Waldwichtel

The forest kindergarten was founded in Delmsen in 2002. On an area of about 800 square meters, which was leased from the municipality of Neuenkirchen, 15 children are currently cared for in a morning group.

Construction trailer and other in the forest kindergarten


The children are cared for outdoors by two educators all year round and in all weather conditions.

The place where the "Waldwichtel" spend their time every day is located in a mixed forest on a hill. A fish pond and the Hahnenbach stream are nearby.

The forest kindergarten creates optimal foundations for holistic learning. Playing and working with natural materials stimulate the imagination and creativity. The permanent motor stimuli promote mobility, coordination and body awareness.

In dealing with the seasonal change in weather stabilizes

the immune system.

A balanced tooth-healthy diet and fixed rituals at breakfast contribute to health education and expand social skills.

A polite tone, descriptive rules and an individual approach allow small personalities to mature.

A trolley with a water canister, towels, a change of underwear, a cell phone, and a first aid kit is carried daily.

A heated construction trailer and a composting toilet are available to the children at the forest playground. In winter, the construction trailer is used for breakfast breaks and specific activities.

During extreme weather conditions such as storms and thunderstorms, the Waldwichtel can stay in the room of the youth fire department in Delmsen.

Every morning the "Waldwichtel" meet at the outdoor pool by 8:15 a.m.

"Natural swimming pool in the Hahnenbach Valley",

to set off together from there to the forest square.


From 12:30 pm the children can be picked up again at the outdoor pool.

Prerequisites that the children should bring with them:

Joy of movement

Willingness to abide by mutually negotiated agreements and boundaries


Cleanliness education should be completed

(the child should be "dry" to enter the forest kindergarten).


It is important for the children to wear clothes adapted to the daily weather conditions, sturdy shoes, sun and insect protection. It is useful to wear several layers of clothing on top of each other, which can be taken off according to the temperature.

Contact person:

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Care hours

The forest kindergarten is open daily from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. Additionally there is the possibility


from 7:30 a.m. the early morning or until 1:00 p.m.

to make use of the lunch service.