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The Tausendfüßler daycare center in Neuenkirchen was inaugurated in August 1981 with two group units at its current location. A third group unit was added in October 1986.


In September 1997, with the help of the citizens of Tewel, the kindergarten "Dandelion" was created from the former swimming pool.

In April 2002 the forest kindergarten in Delmsen was established and in August 2015 the forest kindergarten in Neuenkirchen.

Since September 2007, the facility has been expanded by one and in 2012 by the second crèche group for toddlers. Since 2007, after-school care has also been provided in the elementary school.

In August 2017, the municipality of Neuenkirchen built the Pusteblume daycare center in the immediate vicinity of the Tausendfüßler daycare center, which has 2 group units for children aged one to six years. In August 2019, the daycare center Pusteblume was expanded and added to, here is now additional space for 3 group units, as well as an after-school group offered.


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