Information from the Equal Opportunities Officer

The Equal Opportunities Officer in the municipality of Neuenkirchen works as an advocate for women and girls within and outside the municipal administration to reduce disadvantages in all areas and to promote equality.

  1. She is the contact person for inquiries, complaints and suggestions related to gender equality issues

2. in connection with other administrative bodies and institutions, it provides assistance and support in gender equality problems

3. it participates in council and administrative proposals under equality points

4. it maintains contact with women's associations, institutions and initiatives, with the labor administration, and with educational and ecclesiastical institutions

5. it prepares information material and organizes events on topics relevant to women


Women & Girls
Contact the Equal Opportunity Officer in your community if...

  • you want to complain about discrimination
  • you need assistance in enforcing your rights
  • You need information and advice
  • You have suggestions for improving the situation of women and girls in the municipality of Neuenkirchen.

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