Control dates

Property tax A and B, payment quarterly to:

February 15

May 15

August 15

November 15

Dog tax, payment annually to:

01 July

Bank details

Please use cashless payment transactions or give us a SEPA direct debit mandate

Creditor ID: DE 21 ZZZ00000124721

Accounts of the municipality of Neuenkirchen:

Kreissparkasse Soltau
IBAN DE89 2585 1660 0000 5021 87, BIC NOLADE21SOL

Volksbank Lüneburger Heide e. G.
IBAN DE25 2406 0300 2481 4245 00, BIC GENODEF1NBU


The municipality of Neuenkirchen receives electronic invoices in accordance with the XInvoice format and all other standards that comply with EN16931.

Invoices can be created and submitted via the Lower Saxony application system NAVO.

Routing ID of the municipality of Neuenkirchen: 033580017017-0-69

  eInvoice supplier information

Important note about e-mails

with file attachments

When sending files as e-mail attachments to the administration, please note that only PDF documents are accepted and delivered.

In particular, the following file formats are currently NOT accepted and blocked for security reasons:

  • Word files (.doc / .docx)
  • Excel files (.xls / .xlsx)
  • Compressed file folder "ZIP file format" (.zip)
  • All supported graphic files (including .jpg / .png / .tif / .bmp)

The total size of an e-mail including all attachments is limited to 97 megabytes (97 MB).

Regular flagging days

In Lower Saxony, there is no provision for daily statewide flagging of all official buildings of the state. The official buildings are only flagged on special days. These days represent significant events in the historical development of the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of Lower Saxony. The flagging expresses the special significance of the associated events and keeps them alive in the consciousness of the population.